A Vision. A Voice. A Vote for All.

Elect Mariah Fisher

59th District Special Election

Vote For Mariah Fisher May 18, 2021

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A Vision. A Voice. A Vote For All.

Vote for Mariah Fisher in the special election for the 59th District of Pennsylvania on May 18, 2021

Vote For Mariah Fisher

I was born here, raised here, and now with the help of my husband, am raising my kids here. I am determined to preserve and protect the best parts of this region and to work to improve the quality of life for every citizen of the 59th District. I believe when we really listen to each other, we find that we all want the same basic things: the opportunity to work and make a decent living, access to health care, quality education for our children and a good quality of life.

Jobs & Our Economy

This region needs better jobs that pay the bills.  I will work to develop jobs by offering greater access to training for trades and skilled labor jobs and low or no-cost community college tuition, as well as to secure reliable broadband in the region to support remote working and learning. 


I believe that good healthcare is a basic human right and every person should have access to quality affordable healthcare and medications.

Kids Receiving Good Education In Schools


Every child deserves a quality education and I will advocate for more resources for schools and teachers.

Our Environment

Our natural resources are one of our greatest assets.  I will advocate for clean air and water to preserve the Laurel Highlands for our sportsmen, tourists and citizens.

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Fair Elections

I will fight to end any legislation that limits any persons access to, or engagement in, voting as well as eliminate gerrymandering.  I believe a citizen-led redistricting that takes politics out of district maps is necessary. I believe voters should choose their legislators, rather than legislators choosing their voters through redistricting.