Campaign Update

We’re rockin’ this campaign!
We’re phone banking every Wednesday and Saturday with a small team of volunteers who have been calling voters, talking about my platform and encouraging them to vote.  Our phone bankers come from all over – across the state and across the PA border. We’ve had people join us from New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon, Colorado — all over!
We have some dedicated postcard writers out there too who are also from all over the country. (You know who you are!) We’ve had some really talented and creative people making their own cards and writing personal notes to voters.
Plans are underway to begin door knocking and letter drops, and we have quite a presence on social media.  I’ve been interviewed on the radio and speaking almost nightly to groups across the state via virtual meetings.
In case you missed it, More cool news: next week on April 6th from 7-8 pm, Lt Gov John Fetterman and his wife Giselle are joining me for a chat and fundraiser. Interested? You should be! It’s only $10 and you can sign up here:

Yes – we know. EVERYONE wants a sign and we do too! Trust me: they’re coming. We’ve run into some snags and delays here and there, but we hope to have them in hand any day and when we do, you’ll be the first to know. If you haven’t let us know to put you on the sign list, please be sure to let us know now.

Yep. We can always use more help.
What can you do?? We know not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, so here’s the list:

  • PHONE BANKING:  It’s easy. Really. We provide all the training, information and support. Get a group together, let us know and you can be our celebrity callers! Sign up here!
  • DOOR TO DOOR CANVASSING: Want to get out and take a walk on nice spring day, maybe meet some new people? This could be your jam. Team up with a buddy, spread the word to get out the vote!
  • TEXT BANKING:  We’re working with a group of volunteers who will start texting voters in the next few weeks!
  • SUPPORT ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA by liking and/or sharing my posts.  FacebookInstagram and Twitter @electmariahpa59
  • Join me with the FETTERMANS 
  • DONATE: Your donation helps me get that much closer to winning this election. You can help by donating here – or by mailing a check to “Friends of Mariah Fisher, PO Box 910, Ligonier, PA 15658.