Campaign Updates!

Happy Friday All!
Only 11 days left of the campaign and we’ve got an exciting update for you!  Next Saturday, May 15th, Congressman Conor Lamb will be joining me to launch an afternoon of canvassing and go talk to voters with me!  We are very excited to have the Congressman’s support and help in the last weekend of the campaign!  If you’d like to join us, please sign up here:

We still have a few more days to reach voters by phone as well.  If you haven’t participated before and would still like to help, sign up here:

Finally, we’re still in need of some volunteers to help greet voters at the polls on election day!  Any help is greatly appreciated! Please fill out the form here:

Thank you for all of the help and outreach we have received thus far! Let’s finish this campaign strong and flip the 59th District Blue!