Jobs & The Economy

Population growth in the region is stagnant. Many of our youth leave our region for better opportunities and jobs in other states and cities.  This lack of population growth hurts our businesses and churches and makes it difficult for our communities to thrive.

Tourism is also woven into the fabric of our District communities; from dinner and a play at the Mountain Playhouse, skiing at Laurel Mountain, or spending the day at Idlewild Park there are so many local attractions that bring people from far and wide and help to fuel our local economy.

I will: 

  • prioritize access to vocational training programs and/or community colleges for all Pennsylvania citizens who want it.
  • work to bring quality, reliable broadband services for all residents in our District, particularly those in our rural communities.
  • advocate to increase the minimum wage.
  • work to increase state-wide visibility and the promotion of our region to tourists and visitors.
  • continue to work with the local boroughs and townships to assess the impact of tourism and ways to promote our beautiful area.