Meet Mariah

Mariah And Family

I am a 39 year old mother of two who has lived in the Ligonier Valley for much of my life. I attended high school in Ligonier and completed my undergraduate studies at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, where I majored in Sociology and graduated with honors. Additionally I studied abroad in England my junior year at the University of East Anglia and spent much of my time traveling and seeing the world. Upon graduating I met my husband, and after living in Colorado together for a few years, we chose to return to Pennsylvania and settle in Ligonier. We wanted to raise our two sons as we were raised: in a close-knit, family-oriented community that understands the importance of caring for each other and taking care of the community so that it grows stronger and is sustainable for future generations.

In 2017, I was elected to the Ligonier Borough Council and have been serving in this capacity ever since. In my first year on council, I served as the Parks and Recreation Committee Chair overseeing the $3.5 million Diamond Renaissance Project. I worked with the architect, engineers, and general contractors and met with them continually throughout the project. Additionally, I oversaw and approved all payments on the project with the support of the Borough Secretary. Once the renovation was complete, I planned and coordinated the community celebration event for the grand re-opening.

In 2019, as a member of the Public Safety Committee, I worked closely with Chief Berger to establish and plan Ligonier’s first National Night Out. The event encouraged residents to spend the evening getting to know our first responders, the newly formed Ligonier Valley Police Department and our four local volunteer fire companies while enjoying the town. I submitted our event to the National Night Out Organization and our event received an award for ‘Rookies of the Year’ for having one of the best first time events nationwide. (We unfortunately could not hold the event last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, though we are hopeful it can be held again this year.)

During my tenure on Council, I have been a member of the Finance Committee and in 2019, served as the Finance Committee chair. I have worked with the other committee members to be fiscally responsible with our budget, and even in this unprecedented year, we were able to balance our 2021 budget without the need for a tax increase.

In addition to my work on Council, I am currently serving on the Joint Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee for the Ligonier Valley. The Valley’s Joint Comprehensive Plan was completed to help clarify the priorities of residents in both the Borough and Township and the Steering Committee was formed to help insure these goals move forward.

My husband and I are both small business owners. I run a photography business while my husband is a contractor and finish carpenter. We understand what a struggle this past year has been on families, our own included. We have two young sons who are currently enrolled at RK Mellon Elementary, and have dealt with their struggles of online learning and missing their friends and regular activities.

My family has deep roots in Ligonier, starting with my great – grandfather, whom Weller Field in Ligonier is named after, and my grandfather, George “Skeeter” Craig, who was also a Borough Councilman, a founding team member for Ligonier’s ambulance service (and who has an ambulance named after him that is still seen around town!)

This area is, and has always been, my home community and I am passionate about seeing it thrive and doing my best to help promote and support the District’s residents.