My Vision


A Vision. A Voice. A Vote for All.


I believe that when you really listen to people we all want the same basic things – the opportunity to work and make a decent living, access to affordable health care and a good education for our children.  I believe regular people need to step up to lead and be willing to listen, and help support the needs and concerns of their neighbors.  And that’s why I’m running for the State House of Representatives in the 59th District.

My vision for the 59th District is to bring new life to the area by allowing for more opportunities for long standing residents as well as to attract new residents to the district to help us grow.  We have a lot to offer in this area, but population growth in this region has become stagnant.  Many of our youth are leaving our area for better opportunities and better jobs in other states and cities.

My husband and I chose to raise our family in this area because of the beauty of the region, the sense of community and to be near our families. The past year and the pandemic have dramatically changed work and learning options, which I believe presents an opportunity for attracting new, younger residents to the area.  Remote learning and virtual meetings have given us the ability to work in Pittsburgh while living in Mount Pleasant.  But it has also exposed an issue that could prevent us from seizing this opportunity and that is the lack of reliable internet service in our rural communities.  If the 59th District is to be competitive as a place to live and thrive in Pennsylvania, we will need dedicated resources like improved broadband service to make that happen.

We have an obligation to protect the beautiful natural resources in this region.  The Laurel Highlands and all of the outdoor recreation they offer bring tourists to this area every year, which is a vital part of our economy. The past year brought unprecedented use to our mountains, rivers and lakes and introduced a new host of people to the beauty of the region and all it provides.  Pennsylvania’s environmental policies need to preserve these natural resources and protect the outdoor spaces that so many of our citizens enjoy.

I chose to run because I love where I live. It is a great place to raise a family and I want to see it grow and thrive.  I know I can represent the people of the 59th District. I know their values. I know their needs. And I will work everyday on their behalf, and on behalf of every Pennsylvanian.



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